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Russell Welch

A New Orleans based guitarist/composer/producer.

"Russell is not only the most sought after guitarist in New Orleans, he is also one of the finest Django style players in the world!" - Django a Gogo Festival 2022

"This is virtuoso guitar work, pure and simple. A master of the instrument and the Gypsy genre lets the fireworks fly, but it's always tasteful and melodic; it always feels effortless. He's having fun and it's simply amazing.This music belongs in a Wes Anderson movie. It's quirky, inventive, fun, playful and always fundamentally sound musicianship. I love it. For its personality and beauty." - Jon Stewart (Detroit)

Russell has been the recipient of multiple jazz and composition awards, tours internationally, and plays with his band and many other projects.

In New Orleans, Russell performs with The Jumbo Shrimp Jazz Band every Thursday 10-2 at The Spotted Cat Music Club,

Russell performs with Meschiya Lake and the Little Big Horns every Tuesday 6-9:15 at the The Spotted Cat Music Club

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Russell was recently performed and taught at two of the most prestigious Django festivals in North America! Django a Go Go (2022), Django in June (2022) - Russell will back at Django in June for 2023!


The Syncopated Times

Suffice to say, the festival’s organizers know a good guitarist when they see one. So when they describe Russell Welch as “one of the finest Django-style players in the world,” you know that assessment carries weight. But this doesn’t mean Russell spends his days listening to Reinhardt on repeat, trying to copy as closely as possible—Django a Gogo makes a point of promoting “reinterpretation, improvisation and interplay between musicians from various backgrounds” in its celebration of the manouche master—an approach Russell shares.



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